Waiting for Federico (acoustic session)

by Deadpeach

FAMILY AND LIES All the lies of these days from TV to your brain, All the love of my life send it up to the sky, And the radio the radio plays, the love song the love song of the day, Where the man who sings alone: How can I split my heart and send a part to you.
Silver house 03:17
SILVER HOUSE Dress up the child and close the window it will be stormy today, Take your coat and your keys they'r on the shelf near the door, And don't forget my jacket and the dream we aimed to do, We must leave this home by the end of the day. Where the dreams that come from our dawn where's the dreams from the sky, I would drink the darkness now and vomit out the light, Things around us are chainging we should mellow to, We must leave by the end of the day what remains is that: I still love you.
Stars 03:55
STARS Stars stay miles away, there light comes through my eyes Stars stay miles away, there light through my eyes.
Orange buzz 03:58
ORANGE BUZZ Foot step on the corridor the night walks on my side The breath ,learn to breathe The job, working kills. Orange Buzz I need more fuzz Orange wave blow me away. These days are here to stay And you forever in blue The future smells of ash The dead hanging on a tree
Cameriere 02:49
 waiter with the sure foot
 , the future is uncertain on the horizon,
 amongst the the shouting screaming haziness
 and my mother sweating by the ovens,
 at the counter satan toasts
 cocaine for breakfast,
 you introduce yourself like a prose actor
and your customers big smiles you give, 
but the boredom and hate you hold in
while she drinking martini cocktail. CAMERIERE Cameriere dal passo sicuro all'orizzonte è incerto il futuro tra le urla le grida e gli strilli e mia madre che suda ai fornelli brinda il diavolo al bancone cocaina a colazione Come attore di prosa ti poni ed ai clienti sorrrisi disponi ma la rabbia e la noia trattieni mentre lei beve cocktail martini
the new shoes that i bought for you
 the heel never trod, 
the cloth of oPportunity
is a dress that doesn't fit you. 
I'm in you you're in me, 
fills the now emptiness,
 live it now, live it now live it strong
, as life is so death.
Traffic 06:27


Acoustc session, entitled "Waiting for Federico",
Deadpeach play unplugged .
The record contains seven songs: Orange Buzz, Silver House, Family and Lies, Cameriere, Le scarpe nuove, Traffic, Stars.

Giovanni Giovannini: vocals, acoustic guitar, echoplex.
Daniele Bartoli: acoustic guitar 6 - 12 strings, slide guitar, backing vocals
Mr Steveman: bass, backing vocals

Recorded and mixed between March and December 2018 at the Blueberry studio and the Deadpeach home studio.

Mix and Master: Alessandro Cenciarini (Blueberry)

Photo cover : Gabriele Nastro (www.gabrielenastro.com)


released December 19, 2018


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Deadpeach Cattolica, Italy

Groove and psychedelic atmospheres , liquid and full guitar solos, rich bass lines and hypnotic drums .

A rush into the sidereal space in a vortex of sound that moves between rock blues, and a dose of drugged/spaced psychedelia.

The trip will take you over!
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